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PHINAL PHLYOUT F-4F LIG 21 LOCATION JEVER- GERMANY DATE February 20, 2012 TYPE OF WORK BASE VISIT A historical flight took place on Feb.20,2012, when Major Winkler , Technical Test Pilot LIG 21 with 2028h F-4 Flight Hours was the pilot and his backseater LtCol. Rex JG 71"R" flew the last NPF (Nachprüfflug) = Acceptance Check Flight (NPF -4DC) maintenance test flight that day, which lasted 45 minutes. Aircraft 38+28 was since 01.11.2011 for the 2.HPO ( Hourly Postflight Inspection ) in Jever, and was adorned with a special c/s as it was the last GAF F-4F which flew a NPF out of Jever Airbase under command of LIG 21. In 45 years in Jever LIG-21 succesfully completed 361 DI - Depotinstandsetzung, 31 HPO - Hourly Postflight Inspection and 23 Periodic Inspection on all GAF F-4F.That was the reason to give the last "F-4 Phantom" a special c/s also 45 years in Schortens and all three badges from all maintenance units which were responsible to maintained the F-4 in 45 years.............. With the phlyout in Wittmund on June 29, 2013 the last operational JG 71 "R" F-4 unit will loose there last mighty Phantoms and will fly Eurofighter Typhoons.
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