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PUBLISHED WORKS OVERVIEW As a freelance photographer I have published over the years lots of articles and photos in magazines, calenders and books based on facts, and my skill in photojournalism worldwide. Photographs and articles have been published in the world´s leading military aviation magazines: Air Forces Monthly, Combat Aircraft, Air International, FlyPast, AERONAUTIKA , JWings.etc. Read by a wide-variety of readers, a well-illustrated and -written article or even calendar, will be published in international and even national media... this can also boost general international public awareness and image of the subject of my articles esp.armed forces, at very low cost.To achieve this 'devine' goal, I try myself to establish a sound harmony of individual impressions, on the spot interviews, official and available information and its own perception and create an objective win-win situation for all parties involved: Air force involved, author, editor and reader My personal slogan is: "Hard work, sound ambition and self-reliance, editorial skill, talent for in-action photography and a unlimited 'team-spirit' proved to be a key to my success."
Fly Past March 2012 Bavarian Starfighter COLD WAR 1946 - 1991 / Classic-Jets