ABOUT ME BIOGRAPHY As a aviation photographer I have been photographing various fixed wing and rotary  aircraft for over more than 15 years. I have become infected by the aviation bug when I  was 10 years old and dreamed since then becoming a fighter pilot. Growing up next to  Nörvenich Airbase in Germany, I could see lots of jets every day.  I have already an impressive repertoire of fast jet experience, when I had the privilege  to fly for xample in the following aircraft including the US Navy “Blue Angels” F-18  Hornet. I was actually the first German photographer who ever flew in a TAV-88 Harrier  II with the Italian Navy Italian Air Force MB 339CD plus many more types around the  world. I have gathered lots of level expertise in this field, that only experience can afford  and guaranteeing editorial quality and reliability, too.  I hope you like my photographs. If you have any questions or comments, please mail  me: info@mbaviation-images.com. My slogan is:  Copyright © MBAviation-Images