SHORT ABOUT BIOGRAPHY Michael “Mick“Balter is an German based freelance photojournalist with  the main focus on military aviation photography around the globe.  As a specialist in producing night shots and air-to-air photos (in-flight  photography) during several sorties as a major element in my published  articles – depicting the atmosphere of flying at its most exciting and  exhilarating best during each mission and shooting. Due to the high quality standard I have achieved, MBAviation-Images  photographs are also used by many Air Forces for their internal and  external public relations purpose after each flight. Featuring my work,  these studies of today’s hi-tech airborne warriors represent the cutting  edge in military aviation photography. And to date I have flown with the  German Air Force, German Navy and German Army, US Navy , US Air  Force, Italian Navy and Air Force, Belgium Air Force, Austrian Air  Force,etc..  Welcome to MBAviationImages PUBLISHED WORKS OVERVIEW As a freelance photographer I have published over the years lots of  articles and photos in magazines, calenders and books based on facts,  and my skill in photojournalism worldwide. Photographs and articles have been published in the world´s leading  military aviation magazines: Air Forces Monthly, Combat Aircraft, Air  International, FlyPast, AERONAUTIKA , JWings.etc..  RECENT ADDITIONS CHECK MY LATEST WORKS JG 74 – Eurofighter Typhoon Nightshooting I had the opportunity to shoot an Eurofighter Typhoon ( 30+02 / 009/GT002 ) of JG 74, during a night shooting at Neuburg Air Base Bavaria (Germany). Copyright © MBAviation-Images
PHINAL F-4F FLY OUT LIG 21 A historical flight took place on Feb.20,2012, when Major Winkler , Technical Test Pilot LIG 21 with 2028h F-4 Flight Hours was the pilot and his backseater LtCol. Rex JG 71"R" flew the last NPF (Nachprüfflug) = Acceptance Check Flight (NPF -4DC) from Jever Air Base that day, which lasted 45 minutes.